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Pilla has pioneered visual technology in shooting sports.

Pilla Athletes hold more Olympic Medals, World Championships, and significant shooting sports victories than all others combined. For over 20 years, Pilla has provided the very best in shooting sports eyewear and is partnered with ZEISS- with over 165 years of scientific development they are the oldest optics company in the world . We were founded on a passion for shooting sports and our designs come from direct knowledge and expereince in the field. We have the worlds best shooting professionals using Pilla and are continually providing the most relevant feedback to enhance the design of all our products.

Pilla has created the most comprehensive shooting sports eye science available in the market. We pride ourselves on providing lens and frame science that gives our athletes an unfair advantage and unmatched visual aptitude. We pride ourselves on technical design and confidently know we have engineered the very best glasses in the world using the finest in optics and frame materials. We do not accept anything less than perfection with our design.

Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination

Eye fatigue is a key contributor to the loss of crisp eye/hand coordination. When the eye is strained through either squinting to reduce bright light or straining for light, the result is a quick loss of focus and sharp vision. Pilla provides shooters with technical solutions for maximum performance of the eye in various lighting conditions and backgrounds.

Regulating the Light

Regulation of light into the eye for shooting sports is critical for preventing eye fatigue and increasing focal ability of the eye. The key to our lens technology is based on regulation of the proper amount of light into the eye while harnessing our high-definition, color-enhancement technology for maximum visual registration. Through our partnership with ZEISS, we have been able to create the perfect lenses for shooting sports.


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