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The spectral curve of this lens technology is an extrapolation of our Red High Contrast filter science with a new modified curve to balance an orange spike and suppression of green in a high light values. The technology is great for situations where there is filtered light through clouds or white light. The lens incorporates PILLA ZEISS ChromaShift Infra Red and our proprietary background neutralizer technology. This lens science works extremely well on orange and pink targets.


The Outlaw Top Gun provides a shooters with a visual experience unlike any other Pilla product. Our design mandate was to create a lens option that puts the shooter behind a mask to create a larger visual registration field using our exclusive Zeiss lens technology. In addition to the additional filter performance, the lens has a new integrated venting system to help promote airflow through and around the lens. This helps in high humidity situations.The Top Gun Model uses a brand new high-performance silicon nose design. This nose piece distributes the weight of the glasses to a larger surface area which makes the glasses feel like they are not even on.

15CIHC Cranberry High Contrast - Top Gun

$349.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price