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Our lens filtrations are designed with ZEISS, world renowned for their excellence in lens science. Our cutting edge technology built into each lens filtration will redefine your shooting experience.




The difference between the X6 and X7 lens shapes is in the curve. The X6 is a flatter curve, best suited for those with larger faces. The X7 is a higher wrap shape that has a narrower design, best suited for those with a medium to small face shape or an adult looking for a higher wrap design. 

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“Over the years we have been fortunate to have strong partners in the marketing and selling of Pilla products. Dennis has been one of our best for sure. Dennis took a leap of faith early on in our company's development and is one of our longest tenured dealers having been with Pilla well over 15 years. His knowledge of our product is extensive and he has a rich understanding of the utility of each lens science. We are proud to have Dennis as part of the Pilla family.”


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Welcome to ClayTargetVision.com, my name is Dennis Sprenger and I've been selling Pilla eyewear for over 15 years. This site represents what I sell to clay target shooters even though we support all Pilla's products. We pride ourselves on excellent service and customer experience. Shipping is always Fast & Free and we are available daily to offer support. I know picking the right eyewear can be challenging, please contact me if you have any questions - We are here to take care of you!