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Pilla Shooting Glasses X6 Prescription rx inserts claytargetvision clay target vision
Pilla Shooting Glasses X6 Prescription rx inserts claytargetvision clay target vision

X7 Prescription Insert

X6 Prescription Insert

RX Inserts


Prescription Inserts are available for the Outlaw X6, Panther X6 and Outlaw X7. If you have a high corrective need or a wide "pupillary distance" over 62mm the Outlaw X6 is likely the better choice. The Outlaw X6 can provide a wide range of corrective need. The small insert is required for use with X7 lenses and frames. 

ClayTargetVision applies an anti-reflective coating on all inserts if you choose to have us fill your prescription. You will also need to provide your prescription information at the time of ordering. Please make sure to include the distance between your pupils called the "PD".

Click on the product below to purchase a Panther, Outlaw, Top Gun, or Raptor Rx Insert. You MUST include a copy of your prescription in the contact us below form at the bottom of the page or on the product page when adding to cart. Please be sure to include your Pupil Distance "PD" for both eyes (OD and OS). Turn around time is typically 5-7 days after payment. Please contact us with any additional questions.

Note: Inserts are designed to be held by the exterior mask on the left and right edges of the insert. As the insert touches the exterior mask it will leave over time a small thin line or abrasion mark in the exterior mask. This is not a defect. 

Top Gun lenses require this two piece insert.

Raptor series requires this two piece insert.

500 Prescription Series

The 500 series is a prescription-only series. You may pick any lens color as an option. This exciting platform molded from high-grade stainless steel, benefits from years of frame-design experience.The frame design provides a completely unobstructed sight picture and a perfectly balanced geometry that reduces perceived weight. This feather-weight, 1.25oz design provides all-day comfort. The 500 Series integrates the Pilla signature “fork” temple tip made of a high performance rubber called Megol. The “fork” tip is easily adjusted by bending the tips to contour the shooters head. When properly adjusted the weight of the nose bridge is almost completely erased.

Pilla 540

The 540 model option is for athletes requiring high degree of prescriptive power or would like a frame geometry that is more traditional.

The 580 is an excellent choice for the athlete looking for a larger more traditional design that is completely interchangeable. The 580 is fit with ColorTrast lenses by ZEISS. This also is a great option if you have bifocals. 

Pilla 580 Shooting Glasses
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