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X7 Razor Lenses

Pilla Outlaw X7 Razor Lenses

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We introduced the Outlaw Series in 2012 with the Outlaw X6 and followed with the Outlaw X7 in 2013.

The objective of the Outlaw series was to provide a full unobstructed view for the athlete to quickly acquire targets with a wide visual sight picture.

The Outlaw Razor was designed to offer a more streamlined version of the Outlaw Series providing additional performance benefits while delivering a smaller profile in the lens shape. The lens is a base 7 mask and the size of the “B” measurement (which is the top to bottom depth of the lens) has been reduced by 12mm and now incorporates a sporty cheek sweep. This allows for a gun mount with little opportunity for vertical lens creep and reducing the potential of the lens moving on the face.


The top line of the lens has been further reduced by 8mm to allow for comfortable wearing in a hat and the aesthetic of the lens now has a line across the eyebrows which is a departure from our standard outlaws that have a natural high line to the top of the glass resting well above the brow.


The Outlaw Razor utilizes our high-performance single piece silicone nose which anchors the lens under recoil.


The net weight of the lens is 7/10th of an ounce which is a significant 12.5% reduction in weight from the Outlaw X7. This reduced bridge weight enhances the comfort of the glasses and can be mounted to any Outlaw X7 frame system.  Out new Edge Acetate frame was made to perfectly balance the glasses making the complete pair of glasses disappear and the wearer forgets the glasses are even on given the feather light delivery and balanced weight distribution through the edge frames. The Outlaw Razor is a perfect match with the New Edge Carbon and Acetate versions of our X7 Systems.


Every Razor Edge has an integrated vented sweat bar and can use a one piece or larger 2 piece insert for prescriptive correction.


Our Outlaw Razors all benefit from the latest Zeiss engineering lens technology in ICE IR and have our enhanced 7-Layer high performance Anti-reflective reducing visual noise to 99.9%.

The 2024 SPA ZEISS lenses are all available in the Outlaw Razor.

Smaller | Less Fogging | Lighter | Improved Hat & Cheek Clearance


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