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ICE Chromashift with Spectral Pigment Accelerator

Fantastic Medium light filter borrowing from the success of the 92CIL in low light…


The 53 KIWI lens uses one of our most successful low light lenses, the 92CIL, as a base for the filtration curve. We have enhanced the color profile of this lens adapting it for a medium lighting conditions with a modified spectral curve. The lens introduces a great target registration in medium flat light. This lens was formulated specifically for grey flat lighting conditions where the target becomes tough to see because the light values of the hue of the lens are diminished and the ambient lighting condition is roughly the same. What this condition in flat grey light does is confuse the eye into seeing almost a white out of the target making it tough to lock onto the flight, distance, and trajectory of the target. The 53 KIWI filter corrects this very present issue. The Kiwi lens provides a solid color introduction attribute creating great registration of the target. This lens is also a rock star lens for lime green targets.


The KIWI lens uses our ICE AR coatings and provides a super glare reducer.

The lens has our proprietary 7-Layer anti-reflective applied to reduce light dispersion to near zero.


At a 53% transmittance value this lens will be a great addition to any kit.


New nose saddle. 


The new ICE technology from Pilla delivers lenses from Zeiss that benefit from cutting edge engineering of coating science. A multi-layer coating application that improves a significant number of technical must haves in producing the best lenses available for the athlete. The lenses benefit from principals that deploy the best of Hydrophobics and a proprietary