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Infused with Spectral Pigment Accelerators – THE NEW ZEISS PILLA “SPA” LENS TECH


The success of our High Contrast “CIHC” lens family has been one of our top performing spectral color enhancers. We have taken many of our athlete’s requests to find a solution with a transmittance target between the two top filters (15CIHC – 47CIHC (31CIHP)) the resulting transmittance value at 31% with a modified filter curve.

The CIHC filtration science has been one of our most successful over the past 10 years. The CIHC platform is a very intense color enhancer with a heightened amount of contrast in the lens to produce more detail in the target and the entire sight picture. The CIHC spectral curve design development began back in 2010 and we have had 6 modifications of this science in medium light over the years with the latest being the 47CIHC. In 2023, we introduced a direct sun version of the lens in our 15CIHC which has become one of our top 10 lens filters. This new 31CIHC which we are calling our Passion Fruit lens is a new lens placed in the 30% transmittance