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Step into the sights of excellence with ClayTargetVision, your premier destination for top-tier eyewear solutions. As an authorized dealer of Pilla Eyewear products, we bring unparalleled precision and clarity to your shooting experience. Our small business is committed to enhancing your vision on the range, ensuring every shot counts. We specialize in 20+ years of product knowledge, excellent customer service, massive inventory and fast and free domestic shipping. 



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Outlaw X6 & X7 ICE Lenses

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Technology Behind Pilla Lenses

Our lens filtrations are designed with ZEISS, world renowned for their excellence in lens science. Our cutting edge technology built into each lens filtration will redefine your shooting experience. 

Pilla Outlaw X6


Pilla Outlaw X7


The difference between the X6 and X7 lens shapes is in the curve. The X6 is a flatter curve, best suited for those with larger faces. The X7 is a higher wrap shape that has a narrower design, best suited for those with a medium to small face shape or an adult looking for a higher wrap design. 

Distance Between Frames at Temples:

X6 -  5-3/4" (146mm)

X7 -  5-7/16" (138mm)

Difference in width 5/16" (8mm)


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